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The four quadrant framework adopted by Schools of Tomorrow was adopted by a group of school leaders after an extensive process of research and development informed by leading thinkers. Its intention is to give shape and expression to a much broader view of school quality and purpose than that which has been a feature of UK government policy throughout the 2010s.

The outcomes that young people need from their schooling if they are to survive and thrive as citizens, workers, parents and persons over the next half century are much broader than a simple focus on academic attainment can provide. That is not to deny the important place this should have, it is simply to state that it is not sufficient, on its own. It is just not good enough.

The four quadrant model suggests the nature of those broader outcomes, whilst seeking a new balance between them. The four quadrants interact and reinforce each other. All stakeholders, including students as well as government, have a part to play in determining what success look like, recognising that success for each young person may look very different.

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